Learning to Breathe

don't trust a heart that's so bent it can't break

Amethystine Aquamarine
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so this is my
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A cookie-cutter-boring girl whom nonetheless holds enough interests to be slightly interesting. I have an odd penchant for names that begin with the letter "A" (Amethyst, Amelia, Aquamarine) and an equally odd view of romantic things. I believe in pure, true love, but do not believe in its existence (or rather, its ability to survive) in the bumbling, hurried modern jungle of the time. I like blabbering on about anything from the oppression of women to Oscar Wilde to chick lit to Bones to Machiavelli.

I have a rather monstrous amount of obssessions, some of which I will vehemently deny if asked about in real life. TV shows I like include: Bones, 30 Rock, House, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, South Park, Gilmore Girls, and Ugly Betty. I adore a multitude of books, including: Pride and Prejudice, Catch-22, anything by Oscar Wilde, anything by Virginia Woolf, The Great Gatsby, The Prince, The Rule of Four, Sherlock Holmes, The Age of Turbulence, Freakonomics... Bands I love also make up a hefty list: Switchfoot, The Perishers, Bright Eyes, Angels and Airwaves, Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Aqualung, Lady and Bird... While extremely frumpy and always willing to bemoan the objectification of women throughout history, I have have a soft spot for fashion and especially for the designs of Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and Oscar de la Renta. More serious, academic subjects I am also interested in include: economics (esp. behavioral economics), philosophy (Hobbes, Locke, Smith, Kant, Machiavelli), literature, history (ancient Chinese, Greek, and the Renaissance)...

My graphics can be found at incoherentbish and whatever_stuff. I make anything from icons, headers, friends only banners, and textures, to profile layouts, css codes and just generally pretty things galore. I'm currently taking interest icon requests (basically, pick any of my interests/let me pick any of your interests, and I shall make an icon related to the interest), so PM me if you are interested. Hop on over to Incoherentbish via the link below for my graphics.

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